Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Spot the deliberate mistakes

Macca and Matt told me all about some excellent japanese band we were listening to in my car on the way to the Leytonstone gig, who apparently sit down immediately after every gig and watch a video of the whole performance in order to learn how to do it better next time. Who are they again? Can't remember...they wear matching visors, I seem to remember...

We prefer to try and get good BEFORE we play, but in this particular case (since for whatever reason the gig was a bit shambolic) I think a breakdown of this video someone posted onto our myspace page would at least be a good way to piss off the rest of the band:

1) Inexplicable northen accent on my part

2) I'm sharp by maybe as much as a third when the guitars come in

3) Sophie's flat as a pancake when she comes in

4) Mike's got flowers all over his mic stand - what a gay

5) Matt 'never learnt the melody'

6) Macca and i don't come in together for the last verse

Any more? Andy's laughing at the end, and it makes me suspicious... We'll have none of this 'merriment' thank you very much...



Anonymous said...

In the spirit of fairness (and of not being a pustule of negativity):

1)I like being able to hear all three lines of the harmony, I never really hear Mike on stage and 'tis good.

2)In the bit of your solo that you DO do matt, I like the melodic relaxed second half.

3)sophie manages to tune mid song and then adds some really nice subtle stuff, such as at 2.53-6.

4) Andy's got this song down, as far as I can tell, I really like the whistle all the way thru.

5)All the bits of talking/shouting are discernable (!!) and add a nice atmosphere to it - and I recon macca deals with matt's fluff really well.

Aww, aren't I nice? But seriously, have I missed any other fluffs? That gig was mental...


Anonymous said...

The video doesn't work, I had to watch it on the MySpace. The band you are talking about is Polysics but I don't remember any talk of them all sitting down and discussing how to do it better. That's news to me and, frankly, it sounds shit. I much prefer drinking a whole bunch, going to Matt's, drinking a whole bunch more, speaking too loudly until the early hours before staggering home, with the remains of the beer, to bed.

Discussions are for gays. I also had flowers on my mic stand. Flowers on mic stands are for real men.