Monday, 28 July 2008

Babar Luck

Just a quick one.

The other night we played with Babar Luck at the Cross Kings in Kings Cross. It was awesome.

Alex decided during Babar's set that he wanted to pack up his kit and leave and, understandably, Babar did not take kindly to this. Subsequently, Alex got a telling off in front of everybody and I had a bit of a chuckle.

That's him telt.


Saturday, 26 July 2008

A Return to Bastard Form


I started writing my first blog in months last night at about seven o clock, and believe me I was writing with a wit, vim and fervour that would have knocked you off your seats! In fact, so full of energy was I, after the last few weeks of getting up at 6.30 every day to either go to work (photo, left) or take my sister to work and then four hours of SB rehearsals at Plug n Play yesterday, I fell asleep while typing and fell off my own chair, and then slept for 13 hours on my bedroom floor. With my head on a Mr Kipling lemon slice.
This is literally the first thing I'm doing having woken up very confused and nibbling on lemon icing from my ear (photo, right), and I've got to get to another SB practice by eleven, via Drumwright. As a result, you're getting no wit, zero fervour, and the diametric opposite of vim (which is 'crust') as I race through what would assuredly have otherwise been a very measured and thoughtfully constructed blog entry:
We're going to record an album; the prospect of doing it with John Leckie and Barry Barlow is both closer and further from becoming reality but we're working hard to make it happen.
We've got some gigs, and seeing as we're often too lazy to ask anyone for them we need to get offered more - go to our myspace to listen and contact us.
Very soon we shall be announcing the exciting appearance of our Live in the Christmas Room Acoustic Album/DVD with a raft of new videos and clips online. Watch various online SB spaces, if not this one.
(Grumble) *Hack!* Cough
The other (and main) reason I'm bothering to do this again today (last night's offering was wiped when blogger timed out), EVEN with exceedingly good cake on my face, is that I would like very much for you to see our second video blog entry, which I chucked together yesterday. You'll notice that this time it was only filmed on a mobile phone, and is comprised of footage of a fairly limited genre of activity from our weekend away. This is because in a fairly friendly way we don't much give a shit about this blog, we're only doing it to make each other laugh. Noticed?!

It's too early for this, I'm going to get some juice

Our weekend, by the way, kicked good old english arse: first an appearance in Bath Folk and Ale Festival at the Royal Oak, followed by free bar all night, followd by camping illegally, followed by a six hour drive to Durham just to see Youngblood Brass Band, who absolutly fucking rocked, putting themselves easily in te top two of best bands I have ever seen live - only missing first place because the Durham crowd were a load of squares, kids and mums who stayed sat in their numbered seats applauding politely, and because their set was a slightly dissapointing hour long. Seriously, check these guys out - there is no better mix of genuine musicality and raw unfettered drive than Youngblood, and I hope somebody quotes me.