Monday, 28 July 2008

Babar Luck

Just a quick one.

The other night we played with Babar Luck at the Cross Kings in Kings Cross. It was awesome.

Alex decided during Babar's set that he wanted to pack up his kit and leave and, understandably, Babar did not take kindly to this. Subsequently, Alex got a telling off in front of everybody and I had a bit of a chuckle.

That's him telt.



the elephant and I, said...

I got showed this entry at band practice last night and since this comment is not funny I should probably point out that I think it's hilarious etcrah.

But I'd like to add: Not only did I ask his permission to move my stuff, but I had a good reason, was very polite, and I didn't disturb him when I did eventually do it.

Additionally, I would have thought it was clear that asking the man's permission is just a common courtesy, where the alternative was just getting on and doing it.

My apparently misplaced assumption was that he would be polite enough to do me the similar courtesy, in return, of agreeing as a matter of course - even if he felt a bit grumbly - to let me scuttle about in the completely unused space behind the pair of them for a couple of minutes.

Telling me to plead my excuses, especially in front of a crowd, is not polite; telling me he was refusing so that I'd listen to him for longer is not dignified or sufficient; and threatening me with violence -in between songs about peace and love no less- if he found I had lied (in fairness i did have to turn a four hour, 7.30am drive into a flight before it was apparently a good enough reason to leave before 2 in the morning) is a good way to make me dwell indignantly on the first two things (and feel all superior for not getting angry- ooh handbags etc.).

In his defence i think the rudeness may have happened as a result of him misjudging how much I was asking to disturb his performance, especially since apparently he felt bad later and gave andy a free CD for me. I don't have it, but perhaps he would like one of ours?

Chris said...

I think you both took far to unkindly to each other, but it was totally worth it to see him flying kick you in the crotch.

Correction Chris said...


fine then, i said...

yeah, it was pretty spectacular, didn't even see it coming - he moved like a mongoose!