Monday, 9 March 2009

Deep End...

Time for an update me thinks...


It's been hectic here at Bastard HQ of late. About a fortnight ago we bid farewell to our drummer/bodhran player/brass section/vocalist, Alex.

Alex has been with us from the beginning and he will be greatly missed. An incredibly inventive and boundlessly energetic drummer, he has left some mighty big shoes to fill.


So what fool has chosen to burden himself with such a mammoth task? Well if this guy's feet were made out of his name, then his shoes would be huge! Ladies and gentlemen, will you please welcome to the stage... GRIFFIN MAGGS!!!


When he's not working at the brewery, Griff can also be heard twating shit for the delectable Julian Tulk Band. They're well worth a listening at so go check 'em out. And if you should so happen to be in the Reading area this Saturday, why not come down to Griff's first gig with us at Shiplake memorial hall and give him a proper welcome.


Unfortunately, due to the recent line up change, we had to relinquish our slot to record with John Leckie (Radiohead, Muse, The Fall, Stone Roses) at the Dog House studios on the 15th and 16th March. The plan was to record an E.P. with the Brit award-winning producer but we simply aren't going to be ready by then. Yet another regrettable setback but i suspect it will ultimately turn out for the best. We now have the luxury of a little more time to work on some more new material.
Speaking of new material, we have three new songs for you to hear; Wasteland - a rip roaring Celtic punk anthem of the highest caliber; Dear Mol, which is about feelings an' that; and the staggeringly awesome "Can you strictly come mong some hoof?" - a supercharged, banjo driven set that's sure to get the circle pits going.


Below our current itinerary. The gig on the 26th April at the Monto in Kings Cross should be awesome - the line up features us, Rat Attack, Tommy Schitt and the Punishment Fuckers, and my new favourite band, Wonk Unit - seriously you guys, go listen to everything on their myspace immdediately, and when you've done that, head over to their website where there's another 12 tracks to download. Now that's value. Tickets are £8 on the door but we're going to be selling tickets for £3 each!!! Get in contact over at the myspace if you want one. We'll also be selling them through our merchant store on paypal - the purchase option should be up on the myspace within the next few days so keep em peeled...

14th March - Oxjam @ Shiplake Memorial Hall
17th March - St. Patrick's day at Powers, Kilburn
21st March - The Amber Rooms, Watford
22nd March - A Benefit In Brighton - under the arches by the station....
5th April - The Oakford Social, Reading
24th April - Global Cafe, Reading
26th April - Monto Water Rats, Kings Cross, London
27th April - The Cube, Southampton
1st May - Reading Beer Festival

Plus many more... See the myspace for the most up-to-date gig listings.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Unusually, real news:

There are now THREE tracks from the forthcoming album available for a listening at on our myspace and facebook pages:

Blackwall (awaiting further mixing and mastering)
Boys Who Left The Band (awaiting mastering only, possibly)
I'll Tell Me Ma (awaiting some new parts, mixing and mastering)

Encouragingly, mister Barrie Barlow has called us up out of the blue to ask for some tracks to bundle with his studio's A&R mail-out (we think - frankly we're not sure what they're for), so we're scrambling the Aledmobile and might get more recent mixes sooner than expected to upload too.

The other nine tracks...will arrive too. Putting "Christmas" behind us, the new target is to be mixed, mastered, pressed and printed in time for St. Patrick's day in mid March, wish us luck!

Unusually, more news:

We've got a nice little collection of gigs spread out over the summer and the South of England which have just recently been announced - but don't forget we'll be filling in all these gaps too so keep looking at the myspace and drop us a line at if you've anything for us to do.

7/2/09 Brighton

12/2/09 London

14/3/09 Brighton

29/4/09 Reading

22/5/09 Southampton

17/7/09 Bath

Shit a whole brick there's more news:

Somehow we've been finding the time recently to get in some proper songwriting, and happily we've managed to chuck together at least one or two tunes we're pretty chuffed with, including our first ever original set of jigs/reels. These will be refreshing our set in the weeks and months to come, so come and cast your sweet ears in our direction as soon as you can.

Don't forget, we're always open to suggestions for lyrics or tunes, either unnoticed standards which you think we might be able to have a bash at or something self-penned - don't be shy! Drop us a quadrametric line to and we'll be sure to take your suggestions seriously.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Music and Pictures - we're practically Cinemax!

Hooray! All kinds of goodies for you today - specifically: two kinds.

Firstly, you know that bit in Cube when the dude with the tourettes can't help himself despite hands clamped over his mouth and he shouts an incoherant noise out?

Well this is EXACTLY like that, except we're a band and not a guy, the 'shout' is two tracks of music on our myspace, it's not so much incoherant as probably fairly close to what's going to get mastered, nobody's trying to stop us, and nobody gets horribly gored to death as a result of our going forth. Uncanny, isn't it?!


Our original target for finishing was Christmas, but Aled is a busy man and his pay - while more than ever before (Aled's been involved in recording about half of all the demos and albums I've ever put out in all my bands - for free!) - still works out at something paltry like £1 an hour, so you can see we'll pretty much get what we get and be grateful!

Just quickly to keep you all up to speed, I think Matt and Macca and possibly Sophie and Mike have been to see Aled a few times in Guildford recently to record extra bits and bobs, but I actually don't know really because it's all a bit hush hush, and I know I've given several rounds of feedback on the first three of the twelve tracks mixing-wise and the other nine have been done in a more general way ready for feedback, but again, you might want to check the comments for amendments because there's every chance there have been secret developments!

Right, I promised you all kinds of two kinds of goodies today, and here are some photos I took (without flash in a dark room, excuse the generally awful quality!) in Cardiff Student Union, developed at last:

This is Macca's arm. It's just here for comparison with the next photograph, which is Pat's arm with the same information on it, apparently.


This is some boon who went to casualty either before or after this because he had like a nosebleed or hiccoughs or something during our set.