Thursday, 15 January 2009

Music and Pictures - we're practically Cinemax!

Hooray! All kinds of goodies for you today - specifically: two kinds.

Firstly, you know that bit in Cube when the dude with the tourettes can't help himself despite hands clamped over his mouth and he shouts an incoherant noise out?

Well this is EXACTLY like that, except we're a band and not a guy, the 'shout' is two tracks of music on our myspace, it's not so much incoherant as probably fairly close to what's going to get mastered, nobody's trying to stop us, and nobody gets horribly gored to death as a result of our going forth. Uncanny, isn't it?!


Our original target for finishing was Christmas, but Aled is a busy man and his pay - while more than ever before (Aled's been involved in recording about half of all the demos and albums I've ever put out in all my bands - for free!) - still works out at something paltry like £1 an hour, so you can see we'll pretty much get what we get and be grateful!

Just quickly to keep you all up to speed, I think Matt and Macca and possibly Sophie and Mike have been to see Aled a few times in Guildford recently to record extra bits and bobs, but I actually don't know really because it's all a bit hush hush, and I know I've given several rounds of feedback on the first three of the twelve tracks mixing-wise and the other nine have been done in a more general way ready for feedback, but again, you might want to check the comments for amendments because there's every chance there have been secret developments!

Right, I promised you all kinds of two kinds of goodies today, and here are some photos I took (without flash in a dark room, excuse the generally awful quality!) in Cardiff Student Union, developed at last:

This is Macca's arm. It's just here for comparison with the next photograph, which is Pat's arm with the same information on it, apparently.


This is some boon who went to casualty either before or after this because he had like a nosebleed or hiccoughs or something during our set.




Anonymous said...

or that is Dave opening his skull on a hidden step during or second song. Amy Winehands may have had something to do with it


Chris said...

Yeah. Don't try and make funny what is already awesome. It just ruins it.

He cracked his head open on a step, went to hospital, decided stitches would take too long so they glued it and he came back to the gig. WIN.

Alex said...

I was aiming at suave nonchalance, don't you think it made us more sexy and cool?

Luckily, dear readers, you now know the truth.

Dear, dear, numerous readers.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding?

Alex said...

Yes, Mr Anonymous. I give up.

Anonymous said...

Your a dick

Anonymous said...

What about his "a dick"? A verb is normally quite useful in a sentence.