Monday, 14 April 2008

Christmas Room

Ok, so we've been a little lax lately as to updating our "at least once a week" blog, but with good reason. On Saturday we all crammed ourselves into the festively titled "Christmas Room" at Matt's house and played our little acoustic hearts out to a few friends and family. Don't worry, we're not just nice guys who do nice things to the people who help us out, we actually had an ulterior motive.

We played our acoustic set to our trusted sound engineers Aled and Matt "the Sound" in order for them to record us. In the mixing stage as we speak, the live acoustic album which is yet to be titled will soon be able to be bought from gigs.

It was a peculiar experience. Cameras at every angle, including one IR camera that made everyone's hair look grey, were surprisingly easy to get used to. We started rolling and the pressure was on. We took a while to get swinging, but once we did, we accidently started having fun. The energy of the later songs is apparently something to behold and which I personally look forward to after only the preliminary mixes played through tiny speakers to go on.

A video is also being editted by a kind gentleman I was not introduced to, hopefully one of the band will reply with all the necessary props he's due. No idea when he'll be done since he's doing it in his spare time, but this means the next few updates will probably have some footage snippets from the event, so keep checking back.

Stay festive,
- Mike

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