Friday, 25 April 2008

I only wanted Mario Kart

On Tuesday, my mate dug out the N64 which, after but a few minutes, gave me a hankering for some Mario Kart. Dan and I immediately went out to try and find a copy of Mario Kart satiate this craving. This was about two in the afternoon.

I awoke hungover Wednesday morning, in Bristol, with a crowd of strangers.

I don't live in Bristol. I don't know strangers.

I did not get Mario Kart.



Anonymous said...

Ah, Chris you are too rock and roll. I wish I was as cool as you.

Anonymous said...

I blame baub

matt-boothman said...

Nobody actually manufactures games for the N64 any more.
Nobody who owns a copy of Mario Kart is going to want to part with their copy of Mario Kart.
So no shops, not even second-hand trade-in-y sorts of shops, will stock Mario Kart.

Chris said...

A good point Matt, but I have, on many occasions, seen Mario Kart 64 in the Gamestation. It cost lots though, but I was willing to spend.

Alex said...

If you play Mario Kart backwards, you can hear Sgt. Peppers