Friday, 21 November 2008

Album titles

So rather than complaining about how the album still doesn't have a name, I decided to write a list of suggestions. I'm also on Carrie's computer so this is the easiest method of keeping a record of everything I write.

The list so far:

Smokey Bastard
The Smokey Bastard sing-a-long song book for kids (you know, for kids)
Young and Teeth

My suggestions (in the order in which they occured to me):

It's time for a pint
Time for a pint
Sit down, shut up, drink and listen
Fuck you for asking
A collection of folk punk songs mostly about old people written by young people
Drinking 'til dawn
Whiskey bullets
Drinking in the devil's bar
The old rose
I can quit any time
Raucous youth
Pub-rawl convoy
Get it down you
Midnight singsongs
Moonshine dreams
So it was me, Mr. T and Hulk Hogan...
Liquid cheer
Milk bottle full of Guinness
Propping up the floor
Hungover discoveries
Let's go get drunk in the fort

My favourite so far are "Propping up the floor" and "Let's go get drunk in the fort".

More to come?
- Mike


Chris said...

I quite like "Propping up the Floor" and "Sit Down, Shut Up, Listen and Drink" except in the latter I worry about the sitting down. We're a punk band. Have you ever seen a punk sitting down? I don't think so.

Chris said...

Also you forgot about "Three Dead Grandmothers"

Alex said...

How about 'Stand Up, Shut Up' then?

Or, to run with another couple of Mike's, how about:

Liquid Jeering


Smokey Bastard
Storm the Drink Fort

Sorry about complaining, well done for starting the ball rolling, Mike!

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with "Shit Fisted... " ?

Anonymous said...

Total Folk Up

Alex said...

shit fisted sounds a little bit like we've all had people's entire hands up our arses. Otherwise nothing wrong with it.

p.s. my 'word verification' is: FUNKEL. This is a good omen.

Chris said...

"Stand Up, Shut Up..." sounds dumb.

"Liquid Jeering" is bad

"Storm the Drink Fort" doesn't mean the same thing

"Shitfisted" does give soehwat the wrong impression. It only works when we say it because of the context. If it was "Shitfisted [something]" then that might work.

I am quite a fan of "Propping up the Floor". It grows on me more and more.

On a counter-note to Alex, I'm afraid my word verification is "boiles".

This is less promising.

Alex said...

I still think 'propping up the floor' sounds too familiar, like I've seen it somewhere before...

But I'm sold on it now because I now know it definitely irrefutably does not already exist anywhere else in the world. Sweet!

Ah, where would we be without google. 'True-gle', more like.

p.s. - "JOIDS" this time. I feel this may be a mixed omen, since all I can think is 'JOY AIDS'.