Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Proposed Song Order - Alex

Okay, I've had a fiddle with Mike's list, feedback is smacky good:

1.Tell Me Ma
2.Boys Who Left The Band
3.Weigh Anchor
4.Curse the London City Gent
5.Steve The Twat
6.Auld Triangle
7.Cumberland Crew
8.Sideways Up The Rubber Sprocket
9.Old Boys' State
10.Last Blackwall
11.Old Jack
12.Drunken Sailor

Tell me ma - I'll be very happy with this as a first track - once we've had time with aled in the studio.

Weigh Anchor is a big ballsy one, I like that near the beginning.

gent-steve-triangle is a nice little package I think, means steve is earlier in the album so the run up to the end of the album can be more unbrokenly exciting.

Crew and Blackwall are still next to each other, which I think may be a problem. I want the toms in both of those to sound very large and probably similar (though in crew there'll be lots more reverb I suppose). Do you think swopping Anchor and Blackwall would work?

Song Titles ?
Just realised we have no standard way of writing most of our songs - I like a mixture of the first, second and third I've written for each; more feedback!

"Tell Me Ma" / "I'll Tell Me Ma" / "Ma"

"Boys Who Left The Band" / "The Boys Who Left The Band" / "Boys"

"Curse The London City Gent" / "The Curse of The London City Gent" / "City Gent"

"Auld Triangle" / "The Auld Triangle"

"Cumberland Crew" / "The Cumberland's Crew" / "The Cumberland Crew"

"Last Blackwall" / "The Last Blackwall"

"Old Boys State" / "Old Boys' State" / "Old Boy's State" / "State"

"Old Jack" / "Shitbounce" / "Cock In Your Eye"

"Drunken Sailor" / "What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?" / "Sailor"


Chris said...

I'd write them:

Tell Me Ma
The Boys Who Left The Band
Curse The London City Gent
The Auld Triangle
Cumberland Crew (dunno why)
The Last Blackwall
Old Boys' State
Cock In Your Eye
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor.

The last one I'd especially like written in full.

Mike said...

Yeah, I think I like the idea of having Weigh Anchor before Curse the London City Gent mainly because the end is so epic it's good to bring it right back down instantly. Also, a song that was lax the whole way through would be too much, so Gent is just right.

Not sure that Steve should be that early though, I would probably chuck it in between cumberland and sprocket instead.

One other thing to consider is how songs are going to flow into each other. I'm thinking most of them start right away, maybe with some overlaps (going into sprocket maybe), but there might be places which require more breathing space. Maybe there are other ideas for links between songs like vocal interludes and feedback. The second one.

As for spelling, I prefer Boys Who Left The Band, but the other "The"s can stay. Also, we could always call Tell Me Ma "Fuck Off Ma". The Curse Of The London City Gent sounds exciting, but in a "Harry Potter and The Curse Of The London City Gent" way that I don't much care for. How about "Fuck Off London City Gent".

- Mike

Alex said...

Shouldn't 'What shall we do with the drunken sailor?' have a question mark, macca?

My favoured ways of writing the titles are the labels of the blog post, by the way, so we disagree on a a few counts, but I'm not too worried about 'the's.

Someone's swopped blackwall and sprocket on my list, that works well, solves the crew/blackwall proximity problem.

I'd rather steve stays where it is if possible, because it is an audience favourite and I don't want to tuck all the folkier ones away in the second half of the album. I can see that just in terms of intros and outtros it would flow well in either place though.

Mike I suppose your questions about gaps between songs etc is at least partly a mastering thing, though if you're talking about adding extra noises then we need to think about what specifically they would be asap and see if aled can fit them in...

One I can envisage is maybe the end of Boys spilling right up to the start of something, but that doesn't really work where it is right now.

Chris said...

Yes it should. I noticed after I sent it but couldn't be fucked to change it.

I can take or leave the "the" on Boys. I don't like the idea of it spilling over into another song though. It should end.

I reckon Mike is right on Steve being later, but haven't played with it to see how yet. I always figured the folky stuff should be later on. Just seems right to me.

It's not called "Fuck Off, Ma"

It's not called "Fuck Off London City Gent"