Thursday, 15 May 2008

Daytime TV

So there we were watching the most drab and mundane television possible, when the idea of owning a pet came to mind. After brief discussions with house mates, it's possible that we here in Southampton may be getting a ferret or two. This has two benefits:

a) We get to freak people out by not telling them we have any pets and then when they say things like "hey, did anyone hear anything?" we respond nonchalantly with such phases as "oh, you're probably imagining things". Then we get the ferrets to be naturally curious about ankles and boom! Pranks akimbo.

b) We no longer have to pick up any food that we drop.

There is a problem, however, with what to name them. After much deliberation, my housemate Matt came up with the best two:

a) Colonel Marmalade

b) His Royal Highness the Prince of Cuddles

Basically, I'm asking if anyone else can think of anything better.
- Mike


Anonymous said...

"Magnum PI" or "Tom Selleck". I wanted them for a cat but I can't have a cat yet so I give them to you. Or "The Hulk".


Anonymous said...


When coming home from the Hobbit pub, my friend Steve kicked something in the face which later turned out to be a massive stag beetle. Luckily my housemate Matt was there and took him home and nursed it back to health.

The stag beetle is now called His Royal Highness the Prince of Cuddles. Or HRH if you're short on time.

Photos coming soon,
- Mike