Friday, 22 February 2008

Degrees of Uselessness

Tick Tick Tick

In very roughly three months I and a few others in the band graduate from university (all things being well).

It's getting hard to avoid speculation about what might happen when I drop off the end of the playschool-infants-school-college-uni conveyor belt.

One thing is for dead certain:

(I can't work out whether I've put this image here illegally - AppleGeeks Lite kicks total ass, find and love it (and my favourite strip from it) here; that might get me off the hook...)

Degrees don't have the power they used to - I think most people admit that these days - but I'm pretty chuffed about having studied philosophy, since the real value of having studied it is not to be found on the (probably metaphorical in the UK anyway) piece of paper in the 'mail'. The value is that it means I can be philosophical about stuff, man (/dude etc.).

For example:

Hey, so maybe our degrees are useless - but who cares? So's our band, and that still kicks arse...


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